I especially liked how illustrative and practical it was. And also that problems were addressed specifically and investigated seriously. That the lecturer always had an “open ear” and took time for our questions.

Workshop Participant

“Your coaching profile is your strength as a trainer”, says one university client I have been working with for many years. During my trainings I like to give as much individual attention to each participant as possible. Because when it comes to time- and self-management, as well as motivation, the same question asked by two different people can require completely different answers. I encourage the participants to practice self-reflection – always looking for background and hidden motivations. Self-reflection itself is the transferable skill through which the workshop has a lasting effect.

I offer my courses in German, English or Spanish. The language can also be decided on the day of the workshop depending on the preferred language of the actual participants.


Time Management, Self-management, PhD Motivation.

Time- and Self-management during the PhD

This is a one-day intensive course. The participants get an overview of this very complex topic and are given a glimpse behind the curtain. We work on their attitudes about Time and Self. I invite them to look at their habits and time problems like good scientists. They leave the workshop with a good dose of motivation.

Self-management for the Writing Process

This is not the usual kind of writing course. It is an opportunity to reflect on your own approach to writing. We put a day aside for this and about four weeks later we have a half-day follow-up session. The participants identify areas of improvement and get to the bottom of their difficulties. They experiment with their newly-acquired techniques during the time between the workshop and the follow-up session. At the follow-up session we then share our experiences. This is a first step into working out your personal writing process.

Big Progress in no Time

This 5-Day Program works like a retreat. But participants are also shown that one doesn’t have to put the entire day aside in order to make substantial progress with a project. Every morning for 1.5 hours in total, guided, concentrated work sessions take place – input, reflection and insights complete the program. The participants see their projects advance. Also each day after after the end of the workshop at 13 h, there is time for everything else that also needs to be done. This unusual format takes the participants out of their known work routine and introduces them to a new approach.

Time- and Self-management Gold

This training takes two days during which the participants get an overview of the complex area of time- and self-management. What makes this workshop different? During guided work sessions the participants try out the concepts while working on and advancing their own projects. In short coaching sessions in small groups, individual questions can be attended. At the end of the workshop the participants have a broad body of experience to come back to. They have set the first milestones to developing their own new, sustainable approach to time-management.