Schedule, yes, but how?

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15. February 2018
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27. March 2018
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Schedule, yes, but how?

The most difficult things to do are often the important ones, in particular if they don’t come with a deadline. Read that book, learn that skill, advance that project, make that decision… Important things are often difficult or new and without the pressure of a deadline we “never find the moment”. The Eisenhower Method, one of the classical basics of time-management suggests we should schedule such tasks. That means: decide when to do them, put them in your calendar, reserve the time and then do them.

Why is the entire back row laughing? You don’t believe in scheduling? But have you tried it? Aha. Hundreds of times, you say… and what happened? Aha, nothing, I see.

Yes, that is the problem: scheduling is theoretically the solution. But even if we agree that it is necessary, it seems not to be sufficient to get us moving. Luckily there are many elements we can add to make those self-imposed deadlines feel more real: peer-pressure and company (aka involving others) being probably the most effective ones.

This is one of the elements we explore in the “Practical Time-Management” sessions. They are designed as one possible way for you to schedule your tasks. You sign up, decide what you want to work on and take the chance that someone (me!) is going to be there to (lovingly) “force” you to work and as one participant posed it: to “force you to work the right way”. I guide you through a short preparation of each working block. You get something done and learn about time-management. If you are interested sign up for this Thursday!

More information, opinions and how to sign up here:

Also, if you are looking for daily peer-pressure/company for your work, feel free to join one of the two Facebook groups I created exactly for this purpose:



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