In a Nutshell:

  • Independent Coach and Trainer since 2010
  • Barbara Sher Coach Training
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation.
  • Professional member of the German Speakers Association
  • Certified Success Team Leader (Barbara Sher, Dr. Gudrun Schwarzer)
  • Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW#5) by Steve Pavlina
  • Purpose-Coaching Training by Kompetenzia International
  • PhD in Physics – Technische Universität Berlin (2006)

Besides Spanish (my first language) I am fluent in German and English. I enjoy working in all three languages.


My Philosophy

I see myself as a Life Coach – meaning that I’m more interested in a person than a project. Barbara Sher, my role model and mentor, showed me that we all have unique talents that we use when we do what we love. Then everything works: you make a contribution to society and you do it well – and love it. You can earn money doing this – but you don’t have to. The only important thing is that you do what you love.

The catch: This is anything but simple. Sometimes you don’t know what you love. Sometimes you know, but it seems impossible. Or you’re afraid of it. There could be many other, individual reasons. That’s why I see it as my “mission” to contribute to helping more people to do what they love, by doing what I love: standing supportively at their side, helping them to understand themselves, helping them to accept unloved aspects of themselves and to deal with their feelings pragmatically.

Another thing I learnt from Barbara is the importance of getting support for your undertakings. She says “isolation is the dream killer” and in the meantime I’ve learnt through experience that she’s right. That’s why I see a good, well-maintained network and the ability to ask for help as superpowers that everyone should cultivate. A friend of mine once said: “No matter what you need, María always says ‘Wait! I know someone for that!’” The advantage: this way you don’t need to do everything yourself. I gladly pass on contacts that could provide further help. My clients always have the benefit of my network and I gladly refer those who don’t become my clients to suitable colleagues.

My Role Models

My development as a coach has been very strongly influenced by two people:
Barbara Sher: known as the Godmother of Life Coaching. She’s a clever and effective communicator – and not only because of her cheeky, intelligent humor. She doesn’t fear depth. She doesn’t spare you when it comes to your own personal development – and at the same time she’s warmhearted. She has a great love for people and she does everything, really everything, to help them. Watch her TEDx talk here.

Steve Pavlina: the freest and bravest person I know, with an endless creativity. He is very curious, always prepared to experiment, to think and to share what he has learnt through it. He has given me answers to some deep questions and he continuously manages to inspire me. Here is an article of his on procrastination.

Barbara and María in Prague, 2015

My Experience

Besides my purely professional qualifications, I think other experiences have also enriched my coaching:

  • Moving from Spain to Berlin in 2000, where I’ve been living ever since.
  • PhD in Physics and the transition to freelancing as a coach.
  • Motherhood.

Other things I like to do

  • Listening to music, especially live (link).
  • Doing things with my son: building worlds, making up stories, going swimming…
  • Making music: I play the flute and brave the occasional jam session.
  • Deep-reading, especially with other people (link).