Practical Time Management Session on April 11, 14-16 h

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12. March 2018
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3. April 2018
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Practical Time Management Session on April 11, 14-16 h

The Practical Time Management Sessions have been running for some months and every time the feedback is clear: insights are won, to-do’s get crossed off, new clarity is reached… someone even spoke of an illumination! Some participants keep coming back and they claim they learn something new every time.

The conclusion: I am making a regular thing out of this. I plan to offer a session a month, close to the 15th. In April it will be on the 11th, from 14 to 16 h. If the particular date doesn’t fit you or you don’t get a place because the session gets full fast, don’t despair: send me an email anyway and if I have enough people I will organize an extra session via Doodle. The same goes for the language: if you want a session in German or Spanish let me know and I will organize one.

Find more information, feedback of participants, cost, and how to sign up here:

Announcing “Practical Time-management” sessions for February and March


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