Miniworkshop on September 9: Changing your plans the right way

Happy birthday Barbara and a happy life to everyone
15. August 2017
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15. September 2017
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Miniworkshop on September 9: Changing your plans the right way

Today I have something to announce: I am participating in Barbara Sher’s Telesummit “Dare to Soar 2017” on Saturday, the 9th of September. At 16:30 (Berlin time) I will give a free miniworkshop with the title: “Changing Plans the Right Way”.

It will be half an hour of inspiring input with a little exercise or two. If you hate planning, or are of the opinion that you are not good at it, or you are just curious about the depths of this fascinating topic, come by. You just need a telephone or a computer with an internet connection. I can already hear the jokes about planning to go now and changing the plan later on. Hehe. Well, if you do that, you will never know if that was a plan change of “the right kind” or not. So, do whatever you have to do and show up. 🙂

Another reason to attend: throughout the summit there will be opportunities to win some prices like a coaching session with me, ebooks from other authors and other things I don’t know myself yet. I will update the information as it is published.

Here is the description of my contribution:

Changing Plans the Right Way

“Make plans,” they say. “Make realistic plans.” You want to succeed and so you keep making one plan after another and dismissing them also one after another as “non-realistic.” Or even worse, you decide that you are unable to stick to your plans — and that that’s a problem. Plans become a source of frustration that remind you that “you should have more discipline.” You start over again and try harder. New goal. New plan. New disappointment. Or you leave the planning altogether.

Let María Machón show how to deal with that planning frustration. Actually, many plans we would dismiss as “non-realistic” are perfectly fine and do their duty. You need to change them, yes, but the right way. In this workshop you learn the principles of “plan management.” You learn to recognize the difference between real re-planning and the plan changes that come from avoidance. So, you will discover planning as a very practical tool and re-planning as an even more practical one that will allow you to advance and feel your progress.

Here you get the time of my mini-workshop automatically translated into your time-zone:

And here is the complete plan of the day and the place where the log in information will be published in time before the summit:

I would love to meet you at the summit!


  1. Beth Munro says:

    Great presentation today!
    How does one buy your book & get entered for prizes from Barbara? I’m Scanner atHeart on Twitter, if that helps – but I recognize your photo from her Facebook group(s)!

  2. María Machón says:

    Hi Beth,
    thank you so much for your comment! Unfortunately I had to “disappear” for a while because of my health and some things got buried in email mountains etc.

    I am very glad that you liked the miniworkshop. I haven’t published a book but I am going to offer online workshops soon. Stay tuned here at the blog and also via my newsletter (you can sign up here, on the left hand side:

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