Let’s be objective: most newborns are quite ugly

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15. September 2017
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26. October 2017
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Let’s be objective: most newborns are quite ugly

During Practical Time-Management Sessions, participants break their to do’s down and announce these tiny steps one by one via chat. This is a real-life example from a session:

– Participant: Step one is write a rough opening line or lines.

They then comment again when the step is done:

– Participant: Step one is complete. I’m not especially happy with the current opening but I have one.

Sometimes I comment back:

– María: Newborns are most times quite ugly, actually, and then they become cute babies, toddlers, etc.
– Participant: Haha that’s a good way to look at it

If not even nature is able to create a “first draft” that looks pretty how come we think we have to perform better?

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