Before-December Boost Challenge: more details

Before-December Boost Challenge
24. November 2017
Before December Boost Challenge coming to an end
1. December 2017
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Before-December Boost Challenge: more details

Hi there and welcome to the challenge! Here come more details about what we are going to do this week. In case you wonder, here is the original post explaining what the challenge is about.

The main instruction is: devote half an hour to your project every day. Your project can be anything you choose: writing your Thesis, your book, your article or decluttering your closet, marketing for your business, or brainstorming and getting Christmas presents. You don’t need to do more than that daily half hour although you may do more if you so wish. After you reached your half hour you can go to this doodle and tick off that day:
Note that this is not the most common way you use a doodle. You cross off each day _during that day_ so that you have:

  • A little moment of celebration.
  • Company: you are not alone.
  • (Soft) peer pressure: we are looking!
  • A visual record of your effort.

If you need any kind of support or you want to comment and stay in touch you can write comments in the corresponding blog post, here:

You can also comment on my Facebook page:

or send me an email.

In principle we are not coordinated or synchronized, that means that you can do your half hour whenever suits you. If you want to find people to spontaneously join you during your half hour of work (strongly recommended) feel free to join one of these groups and post something like “In the next half hour (as part of María’s Challenge) I am going to work on XYZ. Anyone wants to join?” (feel free to copy-paste that sentence):

If you have any question please ask in the comments. I will answer and update this post accordingly. Thank you!

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