Happy birthday Barbara and a happy life to everyone

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31. August 2017
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Happy birthday Barbara and a happy life to everyone

Yesterday it was Barbara Sher’s birthday (or today if you are in America for example). 82 years! Barbara, we are so lucky to have you! All the hugs in this world go in your direction!

To celebrate, let me spread your message a bit more:

Barbara says that you _must_ do what you love. But isn’t that egoistic? you could think. Well no, because what you love is what you do well and doing what you do well you can contribute to society in a way nobody else can. So it is your moral obligation to do so! Don’t be so egoistic and start doing what you love. Nobody cares id you do it for a living or if you clean flats to pay the bills and spend the nights doing that thing. Do it, however! Even if it is 5 min a day. Give it to us! You can get to do something else relatively well but you will not be excellent. We would also be missing on your originality. And you won’t be half as happy. Because to know what it is what you should be doing you must explore your feelings and follow the thread set by the moments in which you are so involved that you forget yourself.
Even Seneca thought in the same direction, as I casually discovered today while  reading the delicious book „A guide to the good life, the ancient art of stoic joy“ by W.B. Irvine:
Indeed, if we do the things we were made for, says Marcus, we will enjoy „a man’s true delight“.
 „A woman’s true delight“ is what Barbara Sher has brought to my life. Thank you!

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  1. jojo sagt:

    Happy Birthday, Barbara! May you live long healthy, wealthy life. Best wishes for you. Accept my warm birthday wishes.

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