Registration open for Practical Time-Management Sessions in September/October plus one bonus free session

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31. August 2017
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22. September 2017
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Registration open for Practical Time-Management Sessions in September/October plus one bonus free session

After many very successful prototypes I have just opened the registration for the Practical Time-Management Sessions starting on the 29th of September. I am truly excited and would be glad to greet you there! Find the information here.

This is quite a step for me. I know that it works well and that I am good at it (check the opinions of former participants in the pdf!) but still I struggle with resistance on a regular basis. Every now and then I catch myself thinking things like „you cannot do this, your webpage is not finished!“ Or „you cannot do this, you need to publish some ‘content’ in your blog first or they will think you ‘just’ want to sell something“. Etc, etc. What helps me in those moments are two things: my support network reminding me that this kind of work makes me happy _and_ is helpful. And to remember the very wise words of my Coaching Godmother Barbara Sher:

If you have something to offer and you don’t do it out of perfectionism it is like if you can cook and you let someone starve because you are not a five star cook.

So true! So let’s do this even if it feels all unfinished or much more unfinished than it was planned (see below for the why).

A bonus prototype session on September 22nd 24th

Actually the plan was to offer more prototype sessions throughout September but then came something unexpected in form of… an appendix operation. Didn’t I say something about „Changing plans the right way“ last time? Lots of insights won with that: you will hear from them soon.

I still need time to recover but I want to offer one more single free session before the paid sessions start, namely on the 22nd 24th of September. Other than in the paid sessions, the number of participants is not limited in this one. That means too that it might take more than two hours but not more than 2,5 h. Do you want to participate? Then write me an email to with your name and location.

Feel free to share this post with your colleagues or friends or whoever you think might need a boost with their time-management. Thank you so much!

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