Dancing with balloons

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24. December 2017
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Dancing with balloons

It has been an amazing day with my son at Tropical Islands (an incredible indoor tropical world close to Berlin). There are two balloons in there, quite eye-catching: the blue one just goes up and down, with two people hanging on seats. I think there is a motor on the ground to make it go up and down. The red one has a regular basket: it is controlled from the ground, by a person holding it with ropes and walking around, guiding it.
I was looking at the blue balloon and while it went up I saw the man who “operates” it dancing under it. My son and I loved that image. His joy was just contagious.
Later on the same man was directing the red balloon. A harness on, several ropes, and he was moving smoothly, making jumps over things, a bit like kite-surfers do. I was hypnotized. My son said that is the job he wants to have when he is big. 🙂
We had the luck to meet him in the train back to Berlin and have a chat about what he does. At one point he said: “I love my job because it is like dancing. I pull down and the balloon pulls back, you know”. Then he started mimicking how awkwardly he moved when he started learning (my son laughing to tears) and how it got smoother and smoother over time. He even told us that he does somersault sometimes (such a pity that we missed that!).
I obviously _love_ when people talk like that about what they do. Remember my post about a plumber?
Today a plumber came to do the yearly check-up of my heating. He was quite talkative, which I loved, telling me what an amazing piece of technology I have in my kitchen. For a moment I was convinced that being a plumber is the most awesome thing in this world. I am sometimes sad when the kind of introverted technician comes who does his job in silence and doesn’t let me participate in the wonders of his profession. So there are different aspects here:
* The bubbling joy of a person who has found the perfect occupation for him/her. Makes my heart sing (and my throat too). I guess that is one reason why I love to be a life coach, that I am so sensitive to that feeling.
* The sincere amazement for things that we usually take for granted. Looking at the heating through the eyes of this person made me remember what a wonderful piece of technology it is, how much science is behind it, how much thought and, yes, love.
I think that’s one of the reasons why I do life-coaching: because I want to help people to get there.


  1. Barbara Sher says:

    What wonderful stories! What delightful events! I was enchanted reading about them, Maria!

  2. Amy says:

    Great stories, Maria, and I love what you’re doing with the online sessions! Congrats!

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