Coaching means Effective Support

A coaching session is about making progress with your particular issue. Sometimes it’s clear from the beginning what this means: making a decision, getting the Big Picture, finding clarity or to have support during a long-term project. People often – if not most times – come to me without being able to put their problem into words, but they know that they can’t go on the way they’re going.

As a coach, I facilitate the process of reflection: you can concentrate and think, so that you can progress. You won’t be judged or given “one size fits all” solutions. I listen to you and support you as an individual. You will have the benefit of my experience, knowledge and network. You will develop specific next steps and, if you want to, I’ll accompany you while you take them.


Further Information:

Typical Coaching Topics


  • You have lost motivation and want to know if and how you can get started again.
  • You have a regular job and/or family duties and need regular opportunities for reflection and support with difficulties during your part-time PhD.
  • You’re experiencing a specific conflict or have to make a decision.

Time- and Self-management

  • You lose sight of the Big Picture and you feel as if you’re getting nowhere.
  • You want to take on a long-term project, or you’re busy with one – maybe even while doing a full-time job.
  • You’re tired of procrastinating on important tasks.

“I want to do what I want to do; not just something.”

Who are my Clients?

My clients come from different countries. Many live in Berlin, others in other German cities or abroad – from Spain to Hong Kong. I coach in German, English and, of course, Spanish (my first language).

PhD Candidates:

    • From all kinds of disciplines: As a coach and trainer I’ve always worked with doctoral candidates from various fields. I have a wide range of interests and a deep curiosity. I’m very flexible and enjoy interacting with people from very different backgrounds to mine.
    • In all phases of the PhD, also afterwards, or also if you’ve interrupted your PhD –project or you’re thinking about it.
    • With or without a disability. I’ve done good work with candidates with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and enjoyed it. So, I’m familiar with many related issues.
    • Both the goal-oriented candidates, marching towards their destination, as well as those plagued by doubts.

Coaching Example

One of my clients wanted to take up an old book project again. During my questioning he realized that the target audience had not been defined very well: should he be writing for experts or laypeople? He needed to make this decision in order to progress. That was what had been slowing him down! And a further question brought the solution:
– “What would the World miss out on, if you didn’t write this book?”
–“I never saw it like that.” Then the answer came as quickly as a gunshot: “Laypeople won’t be able to access this information!! Thank you, María! Now I know what I have to do!”

Within one month, the first draft had been completed.

How it Works

I offer in-person as well as telephone coaching – via telephone or teleconferencing. The in-person coaching sessions are offered at a tasteful, private room at Inselhaus e.V., in Berlin Kreuzberg or, as many of my clients prefer, in cafés around Hermannplatz in Berlin.

How many sessions should I book?
The number of sessions needed differs according to your particular issue. You can book for a fixed period of time, for example: one weekly session until the submission of your doctoral dissertation, two months from now. Or you could book single sessions to address specific questions. I will help you to determine the optimal number of sessions.

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