Friday December 1st, 2017

Before December Boost Challenge coming to an end

The day is coming to it’s end in Europe. If you did the last half hour of the challenge, remember to check it in the doodle […]
Sunday November 26th, 2017

Before-December Boost Challenge: more details

Hi there and welcome to the challenge! Here come more details about what we are going to do this week. In case you wonder, here is […]
Friday November 24th, 2017

Before-December Boost Challenge

Note: I just added a new blog post with more details about the challenge. Find it here. Are you working on some long-term, demanding project? A […]
Thursday November 23rd, 2017

Do your work like you eat your vegetables

Let’s be humble. Sometimes we behave like kids. You think you don’t? Let me show you something: “When a kid gets an unfamiliar kind of food […]