Before December Boost Challenge coming to an end

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26. November 2017
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5. December 2017
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Before December Boost Challenge coming to an end

The day is coming to it’s end in Europe. If you did the last half hour of the challenge, remember to check it in the doodle and to rejoice. If you, like me, couldn’t make it today, you can still rejoice too about what you achieved this week. If you live somewhere else where there is more day left take this as a reminder.

I will be back soon with reflections and ideas. For now I can say that I myself have done more for my project this week than any other week this year even if I didn’t have the best conditions. And so, I am really grateful for the support. Yes, we were all supporting each other just by being there and that makes a huge difference, so thanks for participating!

Until next time, would you share your thoughts, realizations, celebrations and question marks arising from the week?

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  1. Iraide says:

    Dear María:

    I loved the challenge because it didn’t require too much time (it was just 5 days, 30 minutes a day) and it helped me give some continuity to my project (in my case, doing grammar exercises to improve my German).

    Before the challenge, I would decide to do some exercises one day and then forget about it for a week, then return to it… In the end, it was not productive. This time, I’ve been able to finish and correct 6-7 exercises a day -that is, 33- and to see how much I can do if I am given a certain amount of time.

    I also realized that it was better for me to have a specific time of the day to do them, because on Thursday I skipped the morning routine I had established and I had to do my 30 minutes by midnight, when my brain was tired.

    This said, I’ve also realized that, although I’m happy about how much I’ve done, my brain is craving: it looks at the 700 exercises of the book and it wants to do them all… In one sitting!!!

    I don’t consider this necessarily bad, though: it seems to me that I like big challenges and immersing myself in a project. This is why, from now on, I’ll learn German by reading books and, when I register for the C2 exam, I’ll do grammar exercises every day and for longer sessions.

    Thank you so much for your challenge!!!


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