Announcing “Practical Time-management” sessions for February and March

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15. January 2018
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15. February 2018
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Announcing “Practical Time-management” sessions for February and March

The “Practical Time-Management” sessions in January were a roaring success with people having realizations about their productivity, and getting stuff off their to do lists that they had been putting off for long. So I am happy to announce three more sessions for February and March 2018:

When? In English or German?

In principle the sessions are in English. If the group agrees to speak German or Spanish we can change the language. If you are interested but only if the session is in  German or Spanish let me know and we will find a solution.

  • February 23  from 14 to 16 h (Berlin time).
  • March 15 from 11 to 13 h (Berlin time)

But… what is a Practical Time-Management Session?

It is a 2-hour virtual session (over the internet) with a maximum of 7 participants, in which you will:

  • Advance on your own projects: you will do actual work on your to-do’s with my guidance and following certain rules.
  • Learn and practice several time-management techniques you can use in your daily work-life.
  • Learn about yourself, your working style, your strengths and areas of improvement.

Are Practical Time-Management Sessions something for me?
They are designed for people in the kind of job or situation where motivating yourself, staying on track and fighting doubts is part of your routine. Ph.D students and researchers in general, freelancers, writers, and anyone with a long-term personal project who needs structure and support.

How can you be so sure that you can help me?
This is what former participants say themselves:

This was an awesome workshop. Exactly what I need. Your insight on overcoming my procrastination is helpful. I could not imagine that a task I put off for 6 months now is up and going. I understand the power of online co-working now. Thank you for this opportunity.


I was so happy I managed to get through my mental block regarding starting my paper. I enjoyed the company and it kept me on track when I was getting tired.


We have just finished the session! Highly recommended – you will learn a lot about your working habits and how to improve them 😉 Plus no procrastination for two hours.

This practical session with María Machón finally shows you exactly how writing down your task, identifying the required sub-steps and putting on your timer all work together. There is time for reflection and questions – and I got my report written in very pleasant company, so it’s not all theory. Thanks!

How much? How do I sign up?

The cost: 25 € for one session, to be paid in advance per transfer to my bank account or via PayPal.

To sign up send me an email to stating:

  • the date of the Session you want to attend.
  • Your full name.
  • Your country of residence.
  • PayPal payment or transfer payment.

You will receive a confirmation and an invoice. When I receive the money or a proof of the transaction your registration will be effective.


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