After the idea party or Help as a problem

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After the idea party or Help as a problem

Today I hosted an idea party. It is like a miracle again and again. One at a time, participants share a wish and an obstacle and the group brainstorms ideas to help overcome that concrete obstacle.

You see strangers helping each other with such an intensity that they are difficult to stop when the current turn is over. There is much more help out there than we expect!

At the same time help can create resistance. You hear all those ideas and feel “omg, do I really have to do it?” Something within you can revolt at the idea of getting one step closer to what you want.

I remember the introduction of the first of Barbara Sher’s workshops I attended years ago. She said: “We are going to make you get what you want. And when you realize that it might become true you will want to run away. But we are going to go after you and catch you…”. You could tell by her expression how seriously she meant what she said.

Resistance is such a huge topic. We should talk much more about it.

Back then my wish was to give a talk reflecting on some experiences of mine that I thought could be helpful to many. I believed that the only way was to announce it on the Internet and resistance kicked in big time! That might be the “right”, “best” or “most official” path but it was clearly not going to happen.

Barbara talked about starting small so, what could be a much smaller step? I realized that I was in a room with around 70 people so I could just announce it there: I just needed 2-3 people for a first experiment! That was the small step I needed. I went home and came back for the second day with a list. Interested people signed up and I went out with around 6 addresses! And so the talk actually happened. Resistance kicked in again: I needed to rest from my own success for quite a long time. But independently if it was directly or indirectly, it was a step that contributed to bring me to where I am.

In order to be able to make something out of the ideas you get, at an idea party or somewhere else, you need loads of support and many very, very small steps. A step bigger than very small might paralyze you for weeks, months or years. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of love.

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